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Our urban, rural, seasonal and theme-related photography is available on greeting card stock or as print reproductions.

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Too much selection and can’t decide which photo greeting cards to choose? Buy this package of five greeting cards (for the price of four) and we’ll choose our personal five favorite images for the month and mail them to you. Each month we’ll select five new images!

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MarmiT Creations was born in the heart of the Gatineau hills in Wakefield, Quebec in the early 2000s. Avid nature photographers Marian Jordan and Tim Scapillato were inspired to capture and share the spectacular vistas, natural beauty and wondrous scenery which surrounded them in their various homes in and around Wakefield. They are pleased to share their works with you through this unique collection of hand-made greeting cards and prints which capture the magnificence of the Gatineau hills.

After more than two decades in the hills, Marian and Tim packed up and moved into Ottawa where they turned their attention to the equally magnificent urban vistas. Their collection of greeting cards has expanded and now includes the best of both country and city.

We hope you enjoy the scenery as much as we enjoyed capturing and preserving it in our greeting card collection.

Naturally yours, Marian and Tim

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A Gallant way to grow an online business

When MarmiT Creations was established several years ago, we were just two people with a camera and a love for nature photography. Our desire to share our captured moments led us into the production of greeting cards, which remain the mainstay of our business. As we continued to grow the business we realized that in ...

The Blue Church

About halfway between Brockville and Prescott, Ontario on Highway 2 along the St. Lawrence River, sits a very old landmark known as the “Blue Church”.  According to the historical plaque on the grounds of the church, “In 1809 Anglicans of Augusta and Elizabethtown built a frame chapel, later called "Blue Church", which served the parish ...

Hey Baby!

What do birds, trees, rivers and flowers have in common with newborn babies?  That's what we wondered when Marian was approached at a recent vendor show in downtown Ottawa.  A woman approached the MarmiT Creations display table and expressed her admiration for our work which features outdoor urban and rural photography. "Do you consider commission ...