South Shore Magic

South Shore Magic

One of our favourite places to travel to from our home in Ottawa is Marian’s home province of Nova Scotia. So it seemed like a suitable location for a surprise birthday trip for Marian’s 65th. We love to explore the South Shore, and in particular, love the little town of Mahone Bay.

We stayed in a funky little loft apartment overlooking the harbour. From our deck in the early mornings, we sat with our coffee and watched some spectacular and glorious sunrises. This was one of the best, as the sun rose over the calm waters of the harbour.

But the early morning hours weren’t the only times of the day when Mother Nature put on an amazing show. On our last night there we were graced with the arrival of the harvest full moon. Rising out of the ocean on the eastern horizon, the golden orb lit up the harbour in breathtaking fashion. We couldn’t take enough photos of the event. Here is one of the best.

Nova Scotia is truly a magical province. It’s easy to see why those born and raised there will always feel the tug of that magic trying to bring them back.

And for those of us not lucky enough to have been born there, but who have been enchanted by its delights, it is hard to resist going back whenever the opportunity presents itself. Speaking of which, our next trip back to the South Shore is early June 2022. Pandemic travel restrictions permitting.