Best Zoom Call Ever — Bar None

Best Zoom Call Ever — Bar None

Some entrepreneurs go the extra mile to show their appreciation to their valued clients. Danny Dawson, a real estate broker with Royal LePage Performance Realty, is one of them. His Comedy and Cocktails evening was his way of showing his clients how much their business means to him, and we had the opportunity to participate.

So, what is Comedy and Cocktails? It’s like going to a comedy club without having to leave the comfort of your home. We even had the drinks delivered right to our door by a service called Bar From Afar. Hard to beat that kind of service.

It was an interesting collaboration – a realtor, a stand-up comedian/bartender, and a bartending delivery service.

Our “bar in a box” arrived the day before the event.

It contained all the fixings for three cocktails—the liquor, the mixes, and all the bartending paraphernalia required to put it all together. The only thing missing was ice. They literally brought the bar to us.

When Comedy Night arrived, we unpacked the box and prepared to be entertained, and lubricated.

With 45 other Zoomsters in the house, we were locked and loaded. All we needed was a bartender and a stand-up comedian. Enter Nick Burden, who is both.

The next 90 minutes were filled with laughs and liquor. Nick entertained us with his raunchy brand of humour, punctuated by breaks when he walked us through the process of mixing a Dark and Stormy rum cocktail; a Salty Dog gin cocktail; and finally, a Smoked Manhattan whisky cocktail.

This was just what we needed after a year of endless lockdowns. We’re still not allowed to go out, so Danny Dawson brought “out” into our living rooms.

Nick Burden is opening a new comedy club in Ottawa’s Byward Market in the basement of the old Mother Tucker’s restaurant building. We are looking forward to visiting his Laugh Lounge once things start to open up again.

This was one of the most entertaining evenings we have spent on a Zoom call since this pandemic began. Let’s hope this is one of the things that stick after life gets back to “normal”.

Thanks to Danny Dawson and his assistant, Samantha, for putting this all together. It was, by far, the most unique use of Zoom that we’ve seen so far during the year of COVID.

And thankfully, we didn’t have to drive home afterwards….

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