A Gallant way to grow an online business

A Gallant way to grow an online business

When MarmiT Creations was established several years ago, we were just two people with a camera and a love for nature photography. Our desire to share our captured moments led us into the production of greeting cards, which remain the mainstay of our business.

As we continued to grow the business we realized that in order to move up to the next level, we were going to need some help. We’d need a professional looking website to feature and sell our cards and we’d need new products as well.

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We were fortunate enough to get connected to GallantMEDIA, a local company that could provide everything we needed. Company founder Shawn Gallant leads a full-time team of marketing professionals, social media experts and web/graphic designers. He personally responds to our requests and queries usually within hours, if not sooner. The company’s claim that “we understand the importance of client satisfaction” isn’t just an empty slogan. They really do work closely with us, listen to our needs, and don’t stop trying until we are totally satisfied.

Since we began our business relationship with GallantMEDIA our product offering has grown beyond just greeting cards. We have several new products available, including hoodies, journals, pillowcases, slate photo frames, t-shirts, mugs and masks, all featuring photos from our collection. Watch our site for new products that are in the works and soon to be available. Shawn continues to find new ways to help us grow our business and expand our product line.

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GallantMEDIA is a local company with a global reach while retaining a small company personal touch when dealing with clients. We would like to recognize their contribution to the growth and continued success of our business. Check them out GallantMEDIA.ca. And if you want to see some of our new photo products, check us out at https://marmitcreations.com/photo-products/.